GEMS Sensor Accessories

Incident Light Sensor

  • Plugs into accessory port on GEMS multispectral payload.
  • Laboratory calibrated ILS used to convert spectral irradiances to spectral reflectivities.
  • Automatically computes reliable, repeatable, orthomosaics & absolute vegetation indices in GEMS 3.5 Software.
  • Dimensions: 63mm x 29mm x 7mm
  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Already own a GEMS sensor contact us to upgrade your firmware to version 1.3 for ILS compatibility.

$175 – $150

GEMS Mechanical Enclosure

  •  4 anti-vibration (standard GoPro) pads for securing enclosure to the bottom of your platform.
  • Custom clip for the jumpdrive to secure to the side of the enclosure for easy access after flight.
  • Slightly recessed optical lenses for protection of the GEMS sensor on landing.
  • Airflow vents for proper cooling of the internal electronics
  • Note: this is not a waterproof enclosure.

$150 – $100

Mounting Kits & Extras

GEMS Extras Kit

  • Extra GPS antenna
  • Ground plane
  • USB jumpdrive
  • USB-micro-USB cable
  • Power cable

$95 – $82

3DR Solo Bottom & Top Mounting Kit

  • Top Plate with ILS & GPS quick release
  • ILS cable cut to length for Solo
  • GPS antenna cut to length & ground plane
  • Power cable
  • Bottom camera mount & power connector

$85 – $65

Inspire 1 V2 Bottom & Top Mounting Kit

Top Mounting Plate with carbon fiber support rods, ILS cable cut to length for Inspire, GPS antenna cut to length & ground plane, Power cable, Bottom camera mount compatible with stock DJI 4K mount

$175 – $150