Drone Kits For Precision Agriculture

We offer several multi-spectral drone kits ranging from low-cost, hardware-only systems to complete kits with everything you need to plan flights, collect imagery, and create accurate mosaics and vegetation index data layers. Whether you are looking to buy your first vehicle, or you are looking for a long-endurance workhorse for your operation, we have a kit that’s right for you.

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Simple Ground Control Station

Survey Ground Control Station iOS App for GEMS on DJI Vehicles .

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The Future of Remote Sensing

Fast | Reliable | Calibrated

At Sentek we understand that good sensor data is critical. GEMS is a scientifically calibrated, 4-band, multi-spectral camera integrated with an internal navigation system. The sensor is offered with our 3D reconstruction and orthomosaicing software suite. Sentek’s software uses the additional sensors on-board our cameras to decrease processing time and improve reliability, robustness, and accuracy. The result is a powerful and easy-to-use sensor and software combo.

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Accessories for your Sensor

Check out our GEMS sensor and drone accessories.

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Incident Light Sensor


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GEMS Enclosure


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Spares Kit


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Your Complete Software Solution

Release 4.0 is here!

GEMS post-processing software enables you to easily fly, collect, and process your clients data quickly and securely. Analysis on an image-by-image basis as well as 2D orthomosaics is enabled with GPS markers, distance measurements, and area statistics tools. Quickly identify problem areas and export data layers in industry-standard file formats.

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